What Makes Us Special

     Una’s Place of Hope is dedicated to providing an abundance of love, joy, caring, sharing, and special treatment to our Seniors. Our Mission is Providing Excellence in Serving Our Seniors! It is our goal to give our Seniors every attention, comfort, kindness, and protection they can possibly receive during each interaction; as they celebrate the Golden and Treasured years of their lives.    

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Una's Place of Hope Inc.

     Una’s Place of Hope is established in memory of Una Wilhemina Miller (nee Norton), who spent fifteen years as a recipient of Adult Day Service. Una’s Place of Hope honors, celebrates, and cherishes her life as both an Early Childhood Educator spanning fifty years, and a Minister of the Gospel for thirty years; a life which was greatly enriched by her giving back to others what God had infused in her.

     The name Una is derived from Latin, and means “One.” The word Hope is defined as "a feeling of expectation for a certain thing to happen."  Una, our Mother lived her life with Expectation, Purpose, and Hope in God.


     Una’s Place of Hope was founded by Dr. Denise Mariette Woods, (nee Miller) the fourth child of Una; to honor her Mother’s life and earthly mission. Dr. Woods while living in New York, served in the capacity of caregiver to her Mother for several years, before Una's passing in 2016. Dr. Woods who serves seniors here in Indianapolis, Indiana both in Chaplaincy, and Ministry fields, made a promise to God, to her Mother, and to herself; that she would honor and celebrate Una’s life of excellence, by spending her remaining years serving Seniors: Our Nation's Treasure! 

     The Vision of Una’s Place of Hope, is to provide services and an environment which equates to a home away from home, thus giving families the assurance and confidence that their loved ones are celebrated; served with respect and dignity; are in a safe and comfortable environment where our Seniors are given much, much love. 

Welcome Home Seniors!

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Our Center is now focused on Community Outreach to Seniors.

What our customers are saying

A Home Away From Home; Look No Further!

 - Satisfied Caretaker


Daily Meals:

 (Breakfast, Lunch and Snack)

Bible Study

Arts and Crafts


Reading (Book Club)




Games & More!



Who is a Volunteer?

     A Volunteer is anyone who through a gift of their service, time, or talent without compensation, supports Una’s Place of Hope. No license or  special training experience is required, however, a Volunteer must attend an orientation session, pass a criminal background check, and be trained by the staff of Una’s Place of Hope.

Why Volunteer?

     You give back to your community by lending a helping hand when you volunteer. As a Volunteer, you have the opportunity to acquire new skills, build relationships, experience personal growth, increase in self-confidence, explore a new career path, and so much more!

What can I do as a Volunteer?

     There are many services at Una's Place of Hope, which Volunteers can take part in, and this is why we rely on Volunteers. Given your skill level and what you are interested in, there are many ways in which you can become involved. These include: -

. Guest Relations

. Fundraising events

. Center Operations

. Administrative support

. Committee involvement

Becoming a Volunteer at Una’s Place of Hope!

     To become acquainted with what we do at Una’s Place of Hope, we offer Volunteer Orientation sessions every quarter throughout each year to gain a firsthand understanding of opportunities which are available at Una’s Place of Hope. You will then have an opportunity to make a commitment to volunteer, sign a Volunteer Form, and pick a schedule which is suitable for you. For orientation dates and times, please contact Una’s Place of Hope.


Your generosity means so much to us. As a Donor, you will be contributing to a worthy cause. Una’s Place of Hope is established to provide exceptional and excellent service to our Senior Guests in an environment where they will blossom as they age gracefully. We thank you for your dedication and support to this Organization, and hope you will consider  the well-being of our Seniors by making a gift to Una’s Place of Hope, Incorporated

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Other Services We Offer

Elder Advocacy

Early Childhood Education

Childhood Literacy

Computer Classes

Financial Literacy

Senior Citizen Benefits Access

Veteran Senior Citizen Benefits Access

Community Outreach Project -

              Blossoms For My Mom

Music Therapy


Health & Nutrition

Food Pantry

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